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The company's vision and development

The DIHTA's main aim is the constant development of the products' quality, which is reached by including all the processes and employees into the system by which their effective work in enabled.

This is achieved by respecting the following:

  • All our activities are aimed at satisfying the customers' needs
  • Our success on the market is based on our customers' confidence and satisfaction. This is why values like kindness, order, professionality, responsiveness and efficiency are cherished in our company
  • Principles of business quality are introduced by the constant development of processes and the release of creativity, gift, positive energy and motivation of all colleagues
  • The results of the processes are monitored with the aim of preventing interferences in the process and with the aim of its constant development
  • The implementation of the set quality aims is constantly monitored and inconsistencies are removed
  • Care is taken that the accepted quality policy is consistently exercised
  • Any justified complaint by the customer is seen as a chance for improvement, conservation and consolidation of the customers' needs

DIHTA d.o.o. integrates the system of quality mauntenance based on the international standard ISO 9001: 2008 and by respecting all other professional standards and international recommendations.